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Vag Com USB Cable Diagnostic Scanner VCDS V22 2023 OBD2 II VW Audi Skoda Seat

Vag Com USB Cable Diagnostic Scanner VCDS V22 2023 OBD2 II VW Audi Skoda Seat

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Software version and language: V22.9 , Italian and English.


Chips: ATMEGA162 + 16v8 + FT232RQ

Interface and software for diagnosis, coding, error deletion, service reset, adaptation of new ECUs and aftermarket accessories;



Complete and specific diagnosis for the VW - Audi - Seat - Skoda group updated to 2023

Works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Fully compatible with Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini and Bentley models.

It can use the new 7-digit PIN/SKC codes to match the new keys in all immobilisers

It supports the latest car models such as the new 4g-audi a6 chassis

EDC15-16 mileage reading now includes support for select EDC15 V6 TDI ECUs

The supplied software allows you to restore the error messages, such as lights, to the original mode. It also allows you to reset the service indicators of the coupons.

Updated Long Coding (LCode) assistance

Special functions for VW Touareg (7P) EPB

It is possible to enable hidden functions including:

- Read Error Codes Stored In ECU And Erase Them

- "Sri Reset" Oil Service Reset

- Open/Close Rear Brake Pistons To Replace Brake Pads (For Machines With Electronic Handbrake)

- Navi coding Rns-E Mmi

- Installation / Coding Steering Wheel Commands

- Integrated Bluetooth Rns 315 activation

- Integrated Bluetooth activation Mmi 3g

- Gra Installation / Coding - Cruise Control - Cruise control

- Modification of the operation of the windscreen wipers

- Steering ECU coding for Cruise Control

- Activation of Tire Pressure Control (Tpms)

- Park assist activation

- Activation of automatic closing of windows with rain

- Deactivate the Belt Warning Light/Beep

- Modification of window lifter impulse from the remote control

- Led and Bixenon headlight codings

- Deactivate the Passenger Airbag

- External Temperature And Radio Controlled Clock

- Adjust Steering Sensitivity

- Activate/Deactivate DRL function "Last Teardrop Wiping"

- Activation of Automatic Door Closing

- Activate Needle Sweep

- On-Board Computer Measurement Modification L/100km <-> Km/L

- On-board computer language change

- Verify Real Kilometers

- Check if the car is mapped

- Activation Of Emergency Arrows With Sudden Braking

- Activation of the inclination of the rear view mirrors in reverse gear

- Abs Brake Oil Bleed

- Coding Rear Lights A3 Sportback 8p 2009

- Activate Advanced Menu In Fis

- Activate Dual Backlight Taillights

- Activate Double Rear Brakes Backlighting

- Egr valve closing

- Active fog light when turning

- Beep When Closing/Opening Doors

- Activation of Lap Timer

- Particulate filter maintenance check (Fap)

- Automatic Door Closing After 15km/HE Reopening After Removing The Key From The Block

- Activation of Speed Limits on Rns-E My 2010

- Rearview camera activation on Rns-E

- Active Fog Lights As Daytime Running Lights

- Turning off daytime running lights with handbrake on

- Activation of daytime lights on positions

- Procedure: Activation of Emergency Flashing When Braking

- All functions available and set up in the car

We are also the only ones who guarantee after-sales support, help with installation via teamviewer or anydesk.

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NOT D’Ambrosio
Non l’ultima versione

Incompatibile con Seat del 2018.

Prodotto perfetto!

Ho ricevuto il prodotto in breve tempo.
Venditore disponibile e affidabile.